Senior Software Developer, ex-Founder & UI Designer

I have 8 years of experience in the tech space working with startups and entrepreneurs. I largely focus on frontend development but I consider myself a fullstack developer. My skills extend to backend technologies, web3, and UI/UX design. I am working remotely from Lisbon 🇵🇹

available for new remote opportunities

Featured Projects

  • Cofactory's Logo



    The future of value creation in an AI-based economy.

  • Microchain Systems's Logo

    Microchain Systems


    The first DEX on the Fuel Network, currently on testnet.

  • Syncly's Logo



    The real-time booking engine designed to boost meeting room sales.

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Favourite Stack

  • TypeScript

    Programming Language

    A typed superset of JavaScript.

  • React.js

    UI Library

    The library for building user interfaces.

  • Next.js

    Web Framework

    The React Framework for Production.

  • Tailwind CSS

    CSS Framework

    The CSS framework to build any design.

  • Prisma


    Next-generation TypeScript ORM.

  • tRPC

    Data Fetching

    End-to-end typesafe APIs made easy.

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