November 2021 to May 2022ContractLisbon, Portugal

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Immunefi is the leading web3 bug-bounty platform. It connects ethical hackers and blockchain-based projects to make their systems more robust and web3 safer. Immunefi found its product-market fit quickly after launching in late 2020. I joined in 2021 during one of the crypto bull markets, as they were scaling the team and the product to meet the demand.


I worked with Immunefi for a few months to help them with their web development needs, mostly frontend with some backend work. I shared the frontend responsibilities with two other developers and worked closely with the design team. I actively contributed to building and improving the bug reporting flow for hackers, which contains advanced conditional flows and the admin dashboard for web3 project owners.

Main Challenge

Immunefi managed to gather a team of talented engineers and designers. The main challenges were not technical but process-related, as is often the case with fast-growing startups. It was rather demanding to build the features planned in the ambitious roadmap while maintaining code quality and keeping technical debt under control. I believe we did a good job at it. A recipe that worked well for us was to dedicate one sprint cycle to technical for every three sprint cycles of product development.


We managed to stir the product in the desired direction, and I am proud of our work as a team. As of 2022, Immunefi was listing the highest rewards in the industry and paid out $10M to one hacker in a single bounty for finding a critical bug in one of Wormhole's core contracts.

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