May 2020 to May 2021 • Paris, France

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OpenWork is one of the leading payroll companies in France. They help contractors with administrative tasks and help companies work more flexibly. They went through a complete code rewrite and rebranding during the COVID-19 pandemic as the work landscape changed.


I build parts of the front-end application: the blog, different contact forms with AJAX handling, and the salary simulator. The latter was a fun challenge. The formulas behind the simulator were provided in Excel format, such as VAR1 = SUM(VAR_2, VAR_3). The client wanted to keep this format so they could easily change formulas in the CMS we built for them.

I had to map the formula variables to the form inputs and parse the Excel formulas to JavaScript to dynamically calculate the results. The hot-formula-parser package came in really handy!

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